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The story centers around the sexual antics of a rural American family the "Winglenuts". Consisting of Clevus (the father), Nelly (the mother, aka "Momma"), Boo Boo (the son) and Rita Mae (the daughter and youngest child), it's a wild series of humorous antics and sexual inbreeding. Much of the humor is at the expense of Luke, the goofy cousin who's hung like a horse, but not respected by the rest of the family. His sister Jezebel (aka "Jez") has an insatiable crush on Boo Boo, but the feelings aren't exactly mutual. Jez is also somewhat jealous of Rita Mae.. who carries on an innocent and naive demeanor and is the object of every guy's sexual desire. Then there's also the motherly love of Nelly who finds it heart breaking that Boo Boo's attention is too often elsewhere. Farm Lessons is chock full of one wild romp after another, where seemingly everyone has banged everyone else at one point or another.